Loving Arms was founded in June 2014 to support newborn babies and their mums. Since starting, we have helped over 200 families!

We pack and gift good quality, good condition and clean second-hand clothes and bedding. We like to include new items where we can. We want to make people feel valued, loved and that they matter.

We have an incredible team of volunteers that are passionate about making a difference and we appreciate them so much!

We also have amazing volunteer seamstresses that upcycle wool blankets into cot and bassinet blankets for us by edging and backing them with cotton or flannelette. (Those natural fabrics are so good for keeping babies warm!)

In every single bundle we give the very best of what we have available and our bundles are met with such gratitude from our mums and families.

Because every baby matters and every mother counts.

We desire to see every baby born in the community adequately clothed and provided for, and every new mother adequately cared for and supported.

Loving Arms - 2018 Trustpower Community Awards Regional Winner, Waipa District.

Loving Arms -
2018 Trustpower Community Awards Regional Winner, Waipa District.

Presented in recognition of an outstanding contribution to the Waipa District Community.

"Myself, and my team, LOVE our community
and wish to see families thrive. We all love to
serve and count it as a blessing to do so”

Manager Loving Arms

Bundle of donations

We often wonder what it's like to be on the receiving end of one of these bundles. We have always said that all our bundles are carefully packed with love....and they are. We do know that this mum will be very relieved.

Bundle of donations

Here is an emergency pack for a wee premature baby girl....Babies who come early nearly always catch their mum and dad by surprise. It's not really something that you think of preparing for so the added expense of purchasing tiny prem clothes is a added stress that these families don't need at this time.

Bundle of donations

A lovely premature sized bundle for a sweet wee baby boy who is a wee bit small for normal newborn clothes.

Sharni Budd

Sharni Budd
Loving Arms

I live in Te Awamutu with my husband and our 8 children and my desire is to see our mothers and their precious babies have the very best start they can. I really do hope that our mums feel blessed, like they matter and they know that people care about them and their baby.


Phone: 027 254 9059

Address: 1310 Racecourse Road
Te Awamutu
Waikato, New Zealand